Ready for takeoff?

Send your tastebuds into space with a serving of mixed Citrus, Apple and Cranberry!

Embrace the dark!

Might need rehab for this one, indulge yourself with a iconic blend of Blueberry and Blackcurrant!

Goes to your head!

No blue feelings here, just good vibes and a moreish melange of Raspberry, Cherry and Lime!

Grapes of wrath!?

Get off your bike and sort yourself out with this incredible twist of Black Grape and Green Apple!

Flawless victory!

This super combo’s a perfect one! Get ready for an uppercut of Orange and Passionfruit, TASTY!

Add a little Ice, and a little nicotine

With our new Icy Nic Shot you create a different flavour profile while also adding nicotine. One 10ml bottle of our 18mg Shots will turn your juice into a 3mg strength while also adding a nice cooling effect.